It’s impossible not to fall in love with Vermont.  There is a serenity, and natural beauty there that soothes the soul.  Our weekend visiting this lovely place was just that…a time to relax (as much as possible with our two little ones!), and breath deep.

Not that we didn’t keep busy…there were farms to visit, an art fair to peruse, a lovely little town to explore, and plenty of wood-fired pizza on which we feasted.  While the ‘farm stay’ that we were hoping for didn’t live up to our expectations (ummm- a few sheep headed off to slaughter does not a farm stay make), we absolutely loved the town nearby.  Woodstock has a charming main street with enticing shops, and plenty of great places to eat.

Walking distance from town, there is one of the nicest farms I have yet to visit- Billings Farm.  A working dairy farm, Billings is also open to the public, both for tours, and just to wander.  The animals are gorgeous, extremely well cared for, and the farm itself is just majestic.

On our second night there, a thunderstorm rolled in across the fields.  We watched as the sheets of rain moved up the hill toward where we were staying, and the skies turned a beautiful shade of gray.

Thanks to a big furry friend, and a basket of good ole’ fashion wooden blocks, Vijay kept himself entertained as we watched the storm.  It was the perfect end to our weekend away.  In Vermont, even the rain seems to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.  We returned home with lighter hearts, and a great sense of accomplishment at having made a successful road trip with our two little ones.

Your thoughts on “Vermont

  1. Love the photo of Vijay going eye to eye with the cow while holding his little red car! My son is the same age and absolutely loves things that go – his little yellow school bus goes almost everywhere with us.

  2. I love Vermont. We drove through the state many years ago thinking maybe, just maybe we should move there. Alas, we ended up on the other side of the country but it still holds a special place for me. Looks like a lovely weekend was had by all.

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