Just us four

As we neared Vikram’s due date, I started thinking about who I wanted to capture the first pictures of our soon-to-be little man.  It took no more than a second to land on the talented Heidi Murphy of White Loft Studio.  She shoots in film, so the quality and light of the images she captures is simply magical.  About two weeks after the birth, she came to our home and photographed our little family of four.  I love, love, love the way our pictures turned out- they feel very natural, all of us hanging out around the house (albeit a bit more polished and put together than usual), reading, snuggling and laughing.  Just me and my boys…

I love how Heidi incorporated black and white shots, as well as little vignettes from around our home, especially our bedroom, and Vik’s nursery.

Oh these sweet little boys of mine.  How they melt my heart…

Your thoughts on “Just us four

  1. Just lovely…really. I am a bit curious where you got the necklace you are wearing in the pics. I noticed it in another post and really loved it..would you mind sharing.

  2. seriously, there is nothing better than film…
    these are GORGEOUS. you look so beautiful, the lighting, colors- perfect.

    looking forward to seeing you when you're back in town…

  3. Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments! Of course I think our little family is sweet, but it's nice to hear you do too 🙂

    MA1931- sorry it took me so long to answer- my necklace is a very tiny, very simple, silver and diamond cross from Tiffany. My husband gave it to me for a special occasion (although I can't remember which- b'day, anniversary- isn't that terrible?!)

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