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On Saturday, I took the train to New York for the day- that’s right, there and back in a day.  I wanted to attend Sibella Court’s book signing at Anthropologie.  I greatly admire Sibella, and I have all of her books, which are really more like works of art.  She is such an amazing source of inspiration, and I couldn’t wait to meet her.  With Vik strapped to my chest, I spent the day soaking up the beautiful fall weather, and poking into my favorite shops.  Can I take you along as I spend a whirlwind 12 hours in the city…?

After catching the early train, we (by we I mean Vik and I!) spent the morning in Chelsea.  The High Line was bustling, and it was my first time visiting.  Beautiful views, and gorgeous, dappled fall light.

After our walk, we made our way to Anthropologie to hear Sibella talk about her latest book, The Life of a Bowerbird.  More on her gorgeous book later, once I’ve had a chance to read it cover to cover.  Sibella spent time chatting with everyone who came, and I even slipped her a copy of my book (I know, I know- total fangirl behavior).  She was so down-to-earth, and just super sweet- it was an absolute pleasure listening to her talk, and meeting her in-person. *

 (Sibella had great personal style- her bag and coat were just flung over a chair and it looked like a staged vignette!)

From Chelsea, we hopped in a cab to Union Square where the Greenmarket was in full swing.  Wherever I go, I am always drawn to the local market scene.  I simply can’t help it.  The Greenmarket did not disappoint- vibrant produce, gorgeous florals and good eats.

Less than a block away from the market is one of my all-time favorite stores- ABC Carpet & Home.  I love their displays, and luxe goods, and although I rarely ever buy anything, I love to browse.  They have an amazing restaurant as well, and I quickly grabbed a lovely salad and bowl of soup, balancing Vik on my hip while eating at the bar on a tiny stool.  I even managed a diaper change in what had to be the smallest bathroom ever- I felt a bit like a magician, whipping diapers out of thin air, and balancing the poor babe on my knee.  No easy feat, but I felt I earned my city stripes.

After lunch, we took a leisurely walk to SoHo for some shopping, weaving our way through Washington Square Park on the way.  The light was gorgeous, and the air crisp.  I do love fall in New York.

There was a wild street fair going on in SoHo, so we browsed, stopped in a few shops, including Purl, another of my faves, and grabbed a box of sweets at Balthazar Bakery before hopping in a cab back to Penn Station.  We arrived home around 9pm, totally and utterly exhausted, but feeling inspired and alive.  I felt a bit disappointed when I downloaded my pictures- I didn’t even come close to capturing the beauty of the day, but I have trouble getting the shots I want when I am wearing Vik.  I look forward to the day when I can freely shoot without having to worry about running after my rogue toddler, or balancing a baby on my chest!  Until that day…these images will have to do.

*When I had my own book launch party, I remember one sweet women came all the way from upstate New York for the event.  She drove with her husband, and the two of them made it a fun road-trip.  I couldn’t have been more flattered- this simply doesn’t happen in my world.  I don’t have a huge readership, or rabid fan following like some blogs.  So this was a big deal- it made my night, quite frankly.  I was so nervous about her having a good time- I introduced her to all of my friends, and asked them to take her under their wing. And then I was swallowed up by the business of greeting and signing.  I kept hoping the event lived up to her expectations.  I’ll never know if she had a good time- if the long trip was worth it.  I think about her often, when I get down on myself, I remember that someone made that trip to see me, that they thought I was worth it, that my book was worth it- thinking about that always gives me a boost of confidence.

Going to see Sibella gave me a new perspective.  I spent three hours on the train with my baby just to see her, and I only was able to talk to her for a few minutes- but it was absolutely worth it.  It was about the experience, and about realizing that she is just as sweet and genuine as she comes across online (as we all know, this often isn’t the case).  I love her work even more now that I’ve had a chance to meet the women behind it all, and every time I read her books I will remember, with sweet fondness, our whirlwind trip to New York, and the kindness with which Sibella showed to everyone who came out to meet her.

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  1. Christine!
    I feel like we were two ships in the night, as your Saturday sounds so much like my Saturday- only my train trip to New York (on the Q train) was much shorter. I can't believe we didn't bump into each other as my itinerary that day (minus the book signing) was almost identical. Hope you're doing well- I love your photos.

  2. Christine! I had to laugh at your last two paragraphs because that's the way I felt when I met YOU at Squam this fall! I've read your blog for years and was thrilled when I read you'd be at Squam. And yes, you too are just as sweet and kind in person as you are on your blog.

    Lovely NYC pictures. I'm so jealous that you got to spend time at Purl. What glorious colors.


  3. your photos are gorgeous– you are simply out of your mind in the best way and part of why I love you so— cannot wait til we are both in the same city at the same time to HANG, dammit! xooxx, e

  4. I love your blog and rarely comment – my apologies – not because of the content (which I love), but always due to a time crunch. I promise to be better in the future!
    What an amazing day you had…and how wonderful you could take your sweet little baby with you!

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