Brimfield: Here We Go Again

_MG_9506As much as Brimfield throws me for a loop year after year, I simply can’t stay away.  I spent a whopping $2 this year on two little scraps of quilt, which I plan to make into potholders.  Any sane person would question my willingness to drive over an hour, line up a sitter and walk for miles through tents of stuff just to find potholders (which I still have to sew!)…but I have never claimed to be entirely sane.



_MG_9493Truth be told, I go for the pictures…and I am always drawn to the same thing, year after year.  The brightly colored turquoise bottles being my very favorite thing to photograph.  Random, I know.  Last year I battled with feelings of being overwhelmed.  The sheer amount of STUFF really got me down.  The year before that, I focused on bringing you some tips and tricks for shopping Brimfield.  But this year, I decided to have some fun and bring along a friend.  And since I can’t seem to escape having a baby in tow…she brought along her little one.  Brimfield and babies…it seems to be a habit I can’t quit!  I figure it makes things a bit more interesting.




_MG_9531The amount of stuff still got to me…tent after tent, row after row.  And would you believe it- I saw some of the VERY SAME items that were there last year.  Not similar…but the same exact items at the same exact booth.  It kinda blows my mind that these items have been packed up and carted around for a year without being sold.  But the prices seem to get more outrageous every year…and you can forget bargaining.  My friend was lusting after a yard of gorgeous vintage fabric, nothing special except a cool pattern…and it was priced at $35.  When we tried to bargain, the seller clutched the piece to her chest and said, “I just couldn’t let it go for any less.”  Ummm…is that not why you are here?  To bargain and sell?  And so back the fabric went, into the mound of other fabric that will most likely not sell.  Hey, maybe we will see it there next year…marked down (or up) a few bucks.  It is all rather insane, is it not?






_MG_9508Instead of focusing on the insanity of it all, let’s just rest our eyes on some pretty pictures!  Because this is what I love…capturing the patina, age and quirkiness of all this old stuff.  I have no desire to own it, just photograph it and wonder at its life.  Where has it been, what grand old home or scary hoarder den did it come from, and where is it headed next.  The life of stuff….simply fascinating!







_MG_9515*I fell hard for that quilt in the middle…I think that fabric is the loveliest I have ever seen.  Only $625 and it could have been mine…holes and all.  Wah?!

Your thoughts on “Brimfield: Here We Go Again

  1. you PERFECTLY captured the day!! your pictures pull out the beauty of brimfield- seeing just snippets of the colors, collections and quirks leave us inspired- without the aching feet! thank you for sharing!!

  2. I am grateful Brimfield is on the other side of the world to me! $625 for that quilt! Are you kidding me!?! Woah! That print is a little bit similar to an Indian bedspread I have. I can understand why you fell hard with that influence.

  3. I’m so glad you go for the pictures because I love to see your Brimfield pictures every year. (Those prices really are outrageous though.)

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