_MG_3568Another year, another trip to Brimfield Antique Show (see my posts from 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014).  I can’t seem to stay away despite my mixed feelings over the years.  This time I had a blast and I tried to keep my emotions out of it.  I didn’t buy a single thing, and honestly, I was only tempted by one item (an adorable white, distressed bench) but I couldn’t justify the purchase because I didn’t have a place for it in our home.  I was content just looking, and the part I enjoyed the most was getting the chance to spend the day with my friend, Sarah…and just the two of us!  For the past few years when we’ve hit up Brimfield, we’ve had babies in tow.  It was nice to take our time, wandering through the tents, chatting away with no demands on our time .  What a treat.  I’d love to show you some of my favorite captures of the day…




_MG_3591It’s funny…every year there seems to be a “hot item.”  For a while there it seemed as though turquoise colored glass bottles of every shape and size were the trend to beat.  This year, it was giant balls of yarn.  They were everywhere!  Sarah and I were left wondering if we’d missed the memo that decorating with giant yarn balls was the thing to do!  Also, succulents and topiaries everywhere we turned!






_MG_3586My favorite conversation of the day centered around two enormous concrete geese that had to weigh about 50 pounds each.  Overheard: “How much for the pair of geese?”  “$4200.”  “Great, and I’m going to need to ship them home.”  Wait a minute, let’s back up here.  $4200 for a pair of concrete geese AND you are planning to ship them across the country?  Whoa.  Just whoa.  Sarah and I got a good laugh out of that!





_MG_3569It is always funny to see some of the exact same items that you saw the year before.  Remember the gorgeous quilt I had my eye on last year?  It was back for another tour of duty!  Same price and all!



_MG_3593And finally, a less curated view, and a more realistic picture of what you’ll really see at Brimfield…


Your thoughts on “Brimfield

  1. I always wanted to experience Brimfield for myself while living in New England, but never had the opportunity – it’s nice to experience it vicariously through your posts every year (and to get a reality check about the hype, too ;)!

  2. Your geese story reminded me of awhile back when I was shopping with my sister at a similar sort of place. We saw something we liked, but when I saw the price, I said “We could take a class and learn how to make it for less than that.”. Ha! The good side of higher prices is that I’m less tempted to spend money, but it’s fun to walk around and be inspired. Your pictures are beautiful, as always!

  3. I do love my annual photographic stroll through Brimfield but, woah! $4200!!! Seriously!?! That buyer must be pretty fond of geese! Yeeesh! Hard to resist a healthy dose of eavesdropping though and I still love that quilt xo

  4. I loved your photographs, the “artistic” shots, but more so how you then at the end showed reality, thought that was a neat touch.

  5. Loved the blue stripe baskets with leather handles for 140.00. Do you know where I can locate the business.
    Thank you!

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