Brimfield, With a Mission

_MG_8053We’re nearing the end of a large kitchen renovation, and a new look for our living room and entryway.  The former living room was near and dear to my heart- I loved the colors and playfulness, and I loved that the furniture was all secondhand, various finds over the years- but to be completely honest, it was never a very comfortable room.  The chairs were low and uncomfortable, the coffee table was always tipping when the kids were around, and the couch was stained and floppy, having lost its fluff years ago.  It was time for a redo.





_MG_8041We moved into this house 6 years ago when I was in my mid-twenties.  My style at that time was eclectic, thrifted and colorful.  It was super fun, but over the years, my tastes have changed.  Now I crave clean spaces, white walls and little to no clutter.  Simple.  Natural.  Cozy.  With this in mind, we painted the entire downstairs white, with the exception of the softest taupe in the dining room, and we sold off all of our living room furniture, save a lamp and an end table.  I chose a few new pieces of furniture and a new rug, but for the accessories I wanted some vintage finds.  So on the hottest day of September (not a fact, just a feeling) I headed to Brimfield in hopes of scoring some cute end tables and something really special to hang on the wall.








_MG_8024Would you believe I came home empty-handed?  It was so hot, and I was so overwhelmed trying to find that “perfect” piece, that I pretty much gave up after many hours of wandering.  The one little table that I had my eye on was already sold when I went back for it.  So it is back to the drawing board.  Many of the pictures here capture the style that I am after, which I guess I would call “simple farmhouse.”  Linen, white walls, soft colors, clean lines, rustic wood.  I can’t wait to give you a house tour once it is all pulled together, though it seems that might be a bit farther off than I thought!






Your thoughts on “Brimfield, With a Mission

  1. My first thought when seeing your lovely photos was that I’d never be able to find anything, I’d be so overwhelmed by the sheer mass of things. What also always strikes me when I see these photos of yours from Brimfield, is how lovely it must be that one is allowed to take photos. Here if I try to take pictures the vendors usually shout at you!! Looking forward to seeing your finished makeovers.

  2. Man, you and I are so in sync! I adore my home and have always decorated with vintage finds, pieces homemade or revamped, family heirlooms, as well as treasures from our travels… mostly India, Egypt, Turkey and Africa. Always there has been colour – bright and vibrant, fun and happy. We moved into this dream home of ours less than three years ago and it oozes SO much character and colour of it’s own that I have began to feel a pull towards toning things down. Mixed with my past eclectic decorating, this home is feeling a bit too over the top. Certainly I need to strip a little of our 60’s wall paper – as incredible as it is, it is also everywhere! The tough part for me is that every piece of ours tells a story and seeing or using the piece reminds me of that story – and that’s the bit I love. How did you go parting with some of your old pieces? Was it bitter-sweet? I cannot wait for the tour! Your up to the fun bit now with furnishings 🙂 xoxo

  3. You might enjoy the decorating book titled Pale and Interesting. Many beautiful photos, all on the linen, off-white, gray with houseplants and antique objects theme.

  4. Yes, Brimfield can be totally overwhelming! I usually go twice a year (May & September) and always enjoy finding treasures. Sometimes I get things just because I love them and know they will be gone if I wait. They always find a good home. Good luck with your decorating. I know whatever you do will be amazing! 🙂

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