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Jamaica, at the market2Now that we’re back in Rhode Island it’s hard to believe that somewhere out there the sun is beating down on white hot sand while the ocean waves roll lazily on the shore. It’s hard to believe that somewhere out there it is 80 degrees with the slightest breeze blowing in off the ocean, rustling the leaves of the palm trees. But what is really hard to believe is that we choose to live here in New England when we could be living there (joking…kind of)! Our trip to Jamaica was heaven on earth. It was so nice to escape the winter sickness that had descended on our family during the last few months. Digging our toes into the sand, basking in the sun and swimming the day away in the ocean proved to be immensely healing. We’re back and feeling good!Jamaica fish

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Jamaica lobster

Jamaica menu Of course all of the Vitamin C helped too. We indulged in fresh pineapple ever morning, and coconut water straight out of the coconut every lunchtime. Jamaica is a place of such abundance in terms of local food offerings. We ate so well while we were there- lobster, fish, jerk chicken, tropical fruits and avocado as big as our heads- it was all so incredibly fresh and delicious. I spent an afternoon wandering the market and trying all kinds of interesting fruits: soursop, custard apple, sweetsop, guava and naseberry. I also bought bags of sugar cane for swirling in our nightly piña colada (made with fresh coconut meat and fresh pineapple- heaven on earth).

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Jamaica, at the market The seafood offerings made for some memorable dinners. Curry crab and jerk lobster were the crowd favorites, served alongside fried plantains and rice and beans. There is also a Jamaican fish dish called Escovich, which is best described as lightly fried red snapper served with vinegar pickled vegetables. It is so tasty.

Jamaica, fish

Jamaica fishing boats

Jamaica crab Tomorrow I’ll share with you a bit more of our trip, like where we stayed and a glimpse of the gorgeous sunsets that I am now missing terribly!

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  1. It looks wonderful…says the mama is still skiing across frozen lakes. It is hard to remember such warm and beautiful places coexist with our life in the North. I am glad you got to spend some time enjoying warm travels!

  2. Oh gosh! I want that food!!!! I’m still full from my dinner but I’d make room in my tummy for any of what you have described. Yum. Just, YUM, to all of it! I think I’d quite like a sip of one of those piña coladas too. They couldn’t get any better than with a sugar cane swirly, fresh pineapple that no doubt got harvested that day and the same with that coconut meat. Oh wow it sounds so goooood!

    So happy that tropical getaway took care of those winter ills once and for all xo

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