Jamaica1 A week back from Jamaica and it already seems like a lifetime ago. We were lucky enough to vacation with my parents, two brothers, and sister-in-law. Once you vacation with family, you’ll never want to vacation alone again (if you have small kids, that is). There are so many helping hands and so many willing playmates, that as parents you get a real break. I’m so thankful for the strong bonds that my boys have with my family. It is really something special to see.

Jamaica, at the farmJamaica, at the farm1Jamaica farm, horseJamaica, at the farm2 We rented a villa all together at a resort in Montego Bay. There is a little farm on the property, as well as several pools, tennis courts, a golf course, a put-put course, playgrounds and of course, beaches. The property is sprawling which makes it perfect for long walks and scooter rides. Although the resort is beautiful and well-kept it doesn’t have an overly-fancy or all-inclusive feel to it. Instead it feels like you’re at home in a little beach-side neighborhood. The staff is exceptional as well- the guys who run the tennis program are so great and as a family that loves racquet sports, we have a ton of fun. It was especially amazing to see Vik take off with his tennis game. He’s such a great little athlete, and asked to play for several hours every day!

Jamaica basketsHalf Moon Bay, JamaicaHalf Moon BayHalf Moon Bay spaOther than that we spent our time on the beach or in the pool, relaxing and soaking in the sun rays. It’s funny- when we returned home I thought that is what the boys would miss the most, the warm weather. Instead they missed having all our family around. When I asked them if they’d want to live in Jamaica they replied, “Only with Grammy and Papa.”  That’s pretty high praise from two little island boys!

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  1. Grammy and Pappa miss them more than they’ll ever know! There are big holes in our hearts that only they can fill❤️

  2. You just blew it out of the water in the envy stakes! I’m calculating airfares.
    That resort sounds SO perfect. Exactly my kind of place – comfortable but not over the top and oh my, how well does it cater for the kids!?!! My two would have a ball. We traveled to Thailand for my Mum’s 70th a couple of years ago (actually, I was a week late in starting Pitch Perfect because of that trip) and it was fabulous for all the same reasons you talk about. We were a group of 9 adults and 11 grandchildren (all my immediate side of our family!) and we stayed in a villa too – a big one 😉 Sometimes it got a little chaotic but there was plenty of space for us to have time out when needed. Most of all was how wonderful it was for us all to be together – my Mum, my sisters, brother-in-laws and all the cousins. My kids talk of it often, they loved it!

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