The Wedding of the Century

Vienna3 There are certain experiences that you know, without a doubt, are once-in-a-lifetime. The wedding we attended in Vienna was once of those experiences. It was truly a royal wedding in every way except the title. I’ll share more about the wedding in a moment, after I make you scroll through all of my favorite pictures of Vienna, a city breathtaking in its beauty. We had exceptionally gorgeous weather; the sun was shining every day, there was hardly a cloud in the sky, and the city seemed to be glowing from within. We arrived on Saturday morning, and that was really our only free day to explore. The rest of our time was spent celebrating and partying! Indian weddings are four-day affairs, beginning in the afternoon and stretching on through the wee hours of the morning. Join me on a wander through the streets of Vienna, before we get to the wedding goodies…Vienna13Vienna11 Vienna20 Vienna8 Vienna 3 Vienna 4 Vienna6 Vienna10 Vienna 2 Vienna7Vienna2Vienna19 Of course the churches were just gorgeous, both inside and out. I used to complain bitterly when my mom would make us visit churches during my childhood travels, and now I find myself following enthusiastically in her footsteps. I guess it’s true- we really do turn into our moms! Vienna22 Vienna24 Vienna23 Vienna14 Now for the juicy bits- the wedding to end all weddings. I didn’t bring my ‘real’ camera along for the festivities. I didn’t want to be weighed down, and let’s be honest, a camera bag isn’t really an appropriate accessory for a sari! So please excuse the quality- these were all taken on my phone. I’ll take you through day by day. We arrived on Saturday, and the welcome dinner was that evening at the Hofberg Imperial Palace. The decor was breathtaking, and special guest Enrique Iglesias was pretty breathtaking himself 🙂IMG_4491Night 1 IMG_4563 IMG_4578 On Sunday, we roused our jet-lagged, sleep-deprived selves out of bed for the Mehendi, which took place at Liechtenstein Palace. Upon walking through the castle entrance, we were greeted with a lush, rose-filled garden, where stalls served food from around the world. Pasta was being handmade at one stall, hand rolled tortillas were being grilled at another, and large pots of dahl were being stirred at yet another. It was an incredibly decadent feast in an incredibly gorgeous setting. IMG_4701 IMG_4688 IMG_4595 IMG_4609 IMG_4640 IMG_4704 MehendiAfter a quick catnap at the hotel, we headed back out that evening for the Sangeet, which was held at Art for Art, the most modern of all the venues. The dancing went on all night into the wee hours of the morning (though we were some of the first to leave at 1am!), with the highlight being a performance by Mika Singh, a bhangra music star. art for art art for art interior interior detail dancing Just when we didn’t think they could top all these incredible events and venues, the day of the wedding arrived. I can’t quite put into words what it was like to pull up to the Belvedere Palace, decked out in wedding finery. It was a sight that I won’t soon forget. At this point, I was practically weeping for my real camera, I wanted so badly to capture the beauty. So although these Iphone pictures don’t nearly do it justice, they’ll have to do. For a look at each venue, visit here, and for more about the wedding, including a look at the beautiful bride, visit Vogue India. And just like that we were back on a plane Tuesday morning, and I was back to work on Wednesday with my head spinning. Honestly, it all feels a bit like a dream.FullSizeRenderIMG_0380 IMG_0354 IMG_0376 IMG_0395IMG_0428 IMG_0457 IMG_0471 IMG_0482

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  1. Wow, Christine…what an incredible trip…it’s like something out of a movie! You look so elegant and beautiful…so fitting for such an exquisite setting! You’re our Providence jetsetter living a life that so many can only dream of…thanks for sharing and welcome home!

    1. It was absolutely like a movie, Maureen! And while I’d love to think I’m living a jetsetter life, I think this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience! One can hope, though!!

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