A Wander Through Brimfield

Brimfield_20 It has become a May tradition, taking a day to explore the vast fields that make up the Brimfield Antique Show. I’ve attended in every possible state; pregnant, with baby, alone, with friends and their babies, in rain and sunshine. This year I went alone with no agenda or schedule, just the day to wander as I saw fit. The sun was shining, I had a hot cup of coffee for the drive, and I avoided all the show traffic by taking backroads. Yes, the stars aligned this year and I had a fabulous time. I usually end up leaving empty handed, but this year I came home with two incredible finds; a handmade dress by a small, Maine-based maker, Luksin Designs, and a gorgeous vintage-textile pillow from Rare Cloth. I’m sprucing up our bedroom a bit and this pillow is going to be the statement piece! Brimfield_14 Brimfield_7 Brimfield_3Brimfield_6Brimfield_12 In all my years attending Brimfield, I’ve never made a large purchase! Isn’t that kinda amazing? I guess it begs the question why I still bother to attend. The truth is I love wandering, people watching, and taking pictures. As I’ve spent the past year minimizing the number of possessions in our home, I have no real desire to bring in more. However ‘window shopping’ is immensely pleasurable to me and as I wander I enjoy speculating on the past life of all the various objects. This year I stayed in a good head space for the most part, and didn’t allow myself to become depressed over the sheer amount of STUFF. Brimfield_15Brimfield Brimfield_1 Brimfield, bread board Brimfield_16 Brimfield_5 Brimfield_18Brimfield_10 Brimfield_13If you’d like to go back and read about my previous Brimfield adventures you can find them here: September 2015, May 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2011 (oh and this really cringe-worthy 2009 post!). I especially recommend May 2012 where I gave tips and recommendations, which still hold true! If you go back in time, take a look in 2015 and 2014 for that same quilt (blue with flower, in the right corner of above picture)- it is STILL for sale three years later. Now that does blow my mind! Brimfield_4 Brimfield_17 Brimfield_9 Brimfield_19 Brimfield_11

Your thoughts on “A Wander Through Brimfield

  1. I was there too and actually am coming home with one of those kantha quilts in your photo!! Trying to get out of Boston airport. Wishing I was only the hour and a half drive like you!!!

    1. I’m so intrigued- which quilt are you coming home with!? They were all so beautiful! Safe travels getting home. xo

  2. Brimfield is definitely on my bucket list. It’s not that far a drive, but I think I haven’t made it a priority because I know I would be totally overwhelmed by the sheer amount of “stuff”…where to begin, what to look at, if I buy something early in the day, will I see something I love better later, etc.? And as you know, some years it’s so blooming hot and humid that a day at the beach always wins out! I love your photos…thanks for sharing!

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