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Painted Ladies2 This month has been a whirlwind in the very best way possible. I’m excited to finally take a moment, catch my breath and report back from the other side. I was lucky enough to go on a bi-coastal book tour to promote Icy, Creamy, Healthy, Sweet. The tour started with a launch party in Providence, and concluded this past week in Seattle. In between there was NYC, Boston, and San Francisco. In the past month I’ve made over 400 (!) pops for samples and demos, and churned countless batches of ice cream. I’ll be doing a recap of events in a coming post, but in the meantime, I’m eager to share my travels.San Fran neighborhood Painted Ladies San Fran Golden Gate bridge It was my first time in San Francisco. I loved the hilly streets and the way the fog rolled in off the bay. I managed to cover quite a bit of ground, though I was only there for a few days and those days were packed to the brim with event prep and signings (more on that in my next post). I’d love to share with you a few of my favorite shops and restaurants, starting with Zuni Cafe. Everyone talks about Zuni Cafe and insists that if you’re visiting San Fran, you simply must add it to your itinerary. I am so glad that I listened as I had the most gorgeous lunch there. The peach and whipped goat cheese tartine topped with arugula will go down as one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted.Zuni Cafe Zuni Zuni, peaches The coffee culture in the city was also such a treat. I started every morning with a cup of coffee from a different cafe. A few of my favorites included Blue Bottle and Sightglass Coffee. If I’d had time, I had about twenty other cafes on my list. However if I’d have indulged in any more coffee my heart would have pounded right through my chest!  Blue Bottle San Francisco Sightglass I figured I’d have very little time for shopping, so I was pleasantly surprised to fit in stops to Heath Ceramics, and Olli (which shares a building with Heath). I was incredibly inspired by the artistry I witnessed at both.Heath5 Heath Heath3 Heath1 Heath6Heath2 Heath4 I’m not sure that Olli is open to the public, though I simply rang the buzzer and asked if I could take a peek into their studio and they happily obliged. Thank goodness, because that loom is just exquisite. And those poufs…oh if only I could have squeezed one into my bag!  Olli2 Olli I knew that I wanted to schedule time to visit Heidi Swanson’s shop, Quitokeeto, and I am so glad that I did. The space is gorgeously edited, very serene and minimalist. You can tell that each product was chosen with care. I spent quite a while trying to choose one of Colleen Hennessey’s bowls to come home with me and I’m pretty thrilled with my choice. It will serve as a beloved souvenir from my time in San Francisco. quitokeetoquitokeeto3 quitokeeto2 quitokeeto1 On my last free afternoon, I grabbed an Uber to Oakland for a visit to A Verb for Keeping Warm. I felt that as a knitter, I simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to meet Kristine and see her work. It was so worth the trip. Kristine took time to show me around her shop, her studio and her dye garden and I came away wondering if I might convince her to pick up and relocate to Providence so that I can take every single class she has to offer! Seriously, I could spend the rest of my days happily knitting and learning to dye in her space.avfkw5 avfkw avfkw2 avfkw1 avfkw4 And that brings me to my last evening in San Francisco, which was spent at the lovely Omnivore Books. It was a fabulous signing and I had fun passing out pops and answering questions about natural sweeteners and ice cream makers! It was a lively and warm discussion and perfectly wrapped up my time in the city. The following morning, shortly before 5am I was in a cab being whisked to the airport to catch a flight to Seattle. But that is a story for another day. Stay tuned…Omnivore Omnivore2 Suggestions for San Francisco (there was so much more I wanted to see/do/eat but this is a list of what I did manage):

Zuni Cafe
Bi-Rite Market
Greens Restaurant
Liholiho Yacht Club
The Mill

Blue Bottle
Sightglass Coffee
Ritual Coffee Roasters

Heath Ceramics
A Verb for Keeping Warm
Omnivore Books Omnivore1

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    1. Hi Caitlin! Sorry to have missed you at my local signing, but it looks like I’ll have a few more local events coming up in August. I would certainly love to see you at one! I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, have a lovely summer!

  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! You are SUCH a tease girl! I don’t know where to begin, this is all such a visual feast and I can’t believe how many pops you’ve made! The peach and whipped goat cheese tartine… holy moley! When our peaches come back into season I think I might try and recreate that. And just skipping back to that second photo, is that a bougainvillea climbing those front steps? The colour! So spectacular against the neutral shades of paint. Olli, that loom and those poofs, I totally agree, wow wow wow! So glad you pressed the buzzer and got to have a little peek inside. Heidi Swanson’s shop has me completely swooning, I have such a white and neutral tones thing going these days and the yarn shop… argh so gorgeous. I could get lost in Omnivore Books for DAYS and then walk out broke but happy with a shipping containers worth of food books. Bring on the next installment, I want mooooore xoxo

    1. Ask and you shall receive, my dear friend! More and more coming your way! So many goodies to share with you over the next few weeks! Seattle, events, a visit to the most gorgeous Washington flower farm! I cannot even express how gorgeous this trip turned out to be! We’re adding the West Coast to your US itinerary. Did you say you were coming for six months to a year? Perfect- we’ll need it! xo

  2. I feel like I’ve had a little trip myself. Your photos are always gorgeous and I love that you find the best little gems to visit and share. Next book can be just that; the jewels of various destinations.
    Congratulations on the success of the very worthy book!

    1. Thanks so much Mrs. T! I had the best time in San Fran. It was the first time in a while that I felt inspired to bring my camera along with me everywhere I went- there was so much to see and capture. It was truly a magical experience- both the book events and exploring a new city!

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