Icy Creamy in San Francisco

IcyCreamyHealthySweet _ Nanette Wong-20It’s a bit hard to put into words the whirlwind adventure I’ve been on this past month. Going into my book tour, I had no idea how I was going to pull off numerous events in multiple cities. My itinerary was three pages long, with multiple flights and accommodations to keep track of, as well as all of the food preparation and grocery shopping that took place. I boarded a plane to San Francisco with two 50 pound suitcases loaded to the brim with kitchen tools, stacks of books, gift bags, and personal effects. The moment the last event ended I let out a huge breath, my stress melted away and my shoulders finally stopped hovering around my ears. But then I see these gorgeous photographs, and I remember all of the amazing people that came out to support me and my book, and I think…yep, I’d do all over again in a heartbeat! I am so incredibly thankful to my sponsors, Vitamix and HawaiianShavedIce.com not only for supporting me on my book tour, but making products that are an absolute joy to use. Okay, so San Francisco…besides a book signing at the incredible cookbook store, Omnivore, I also held a private party for local tastemakers. We had the best time- a gorgeous venue (thanks Cookhouse), a super talented, inspiring crowd and a shaved ice bar with homemade syrups! Plus…Prosecco and pops! cyCreamyHealthySweet _ Nanette Wong-2 IcyCreamyHealthySweet _ Nanette Wong-51 IcyCreamyHealthySweet _ Nanette Wong-49 I greeted my guests with homemade strawberry pops served in a wine glass filled with Prosecco. Not only was it delicious but it served as such a great ice breaker! While I had a rough idea of the recipes that I would demo at the party, I let a trip to the Ferry Building Farmers Market inspire my final choices. The strawberries were at their peak, and locally grown. Plus I splurged on some gorgeous local wildflower honey. The pops were so vibrant and delicious…plus soaked in Prosecco, so there’s that! After mingling and sampling some catered fare, I demoed a Strawberry and Basil syrup recipe, which I made with the help of my new Vitamix (the smaller size makes it so travel friendly!). And then we all went crazy drizzling homemade Peach, Watermelon Mint and Strawberry Basil syrups over fluffy shaved ice from my HawaiianShavedIce.com machine! Snow cones, you guys! Best party idea- seriously, it was a blast!IcyCreamyHealthySweet _ Nanette Wong-56 IcyCreamyHealthySweet _ Nanette Wong-11IcyCreamyHealthySweet _ Nanette Wong-72 IcyCreamyHealthySweet _ Nanette Wong-67IcyCreamyHealthySweet _ Nanette Wong-62IcyCreamyHealthySweet _ Nanette Wong-59 I want to personally thank all the wonderful people that came out to help me celebrate Icy, Creamy, Healthy, Sweet including Nik, Stephen, Molly, Jessica, Alexis, Marisa, and Kim. You sure knew how to make a girl feel welcome San Fran. And a final, huge thank you to Nanette Wong for the gorgeous images you see here! Have a lovely Fourth of July weekend, folks, and if you’re up for some fun, give this frozen treat thing a whirl 😉cyCreamyHealthySweet _ Nanette Wong-1 IcyCreamyHealthySweet _ Nanette Wong-3

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  1. Oh wow what a whirlwind indeed! You deserve to now soak up the rest of the summer at the beach house. Even with one more event in Nth Michigan it’ll be a breeze after all that practice 😉 Now, usually sparkling wines and me do not agree but I’d happily risk it for one of those pops and Prosecco. They look like too much fun! And in between focusing on ALL this AWESOMENESS I’ve also been ogling your DRESS! I LOVE IT!!!! xoxo

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