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Floret6One of the highlights of my west coast trip was a visit to Floret. Ever since covering Erin and her flower farmer workshops for Country Living, I’ve been dying to meet her in person and see her farm for myself. It was such a spectacular visit- from the gorgeous flowers to Erin’s inspiring and kind nature. Every now and then you have the chance to visit a place so beautiful it takes your breath away. I sincerely mean it when I say that I felt that, standing in the fields at Floret. It is an ordinary piece of land, not large by farming standards, just a few acres really, yet under Erin and her team’s care, it yields flowers so gorgeous they hardly seem real. Erin I couldn’t help myself from asking Erin if she would be willing to make one of the “flower installations” that she is known for, and she kindly obliged. She headed out to the field to collect roses, and upon her return laid out the blooms in a wash of corals and pinks. Take a moment and really look..every single bloom is more gorgeous than the next. She made all of my flower dreams come true and I think I took about 150 of the same exact picture because I was so afraid that I wouldn’t capture the exact magic. And still…pictures just don’t do it justice. I would have boarded my plane home with these blooms if I thought they’d have lasted. I wanted to keep them, and hold them, and have them forever.Floret5 Floret8 And the dahlias…well, if you’ve heard about Floret there is a good chance you’ve heard about their dahlias. The dahlia fields were just beginning to pop when I visited, and if I had to guess right about now they must be hauling in truckloads of these beauties. Erin tests hundreds of varieties of rare and unusual flowers every year- choosing for uniqueness in color, bloom, stem length, etc. A wander through the test fields was quite an experience as every variety was unique and different than anything I’d seen before. Erin kindly sent me home with a care package that included packets of Floret seeds, which I am very excited to put to use next year! Floret Christine and Erin Floret4 It was an extremely sunny day- beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. Which is normally a great thing…unless you are trying to take pictures out in the fields! So these are very blown out but I figured I’d share just a few. I’ll have to return someday in the evening light (yep, I just totally invited myself back). Thank you, Erin, for such an incredible visit. The memories from that afternoon continue to bring me immense joy. If for some reason you’re not yet following Floret on Instagram- do yourself a favor and follow along for the most gorgeous flower images ever! Floret2 Floret fields Floret fields1 Floret fields2

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    1. If I had to plant two of her flowers to plant, it would be sweet peas and dahlias. They are just too gorgeous!

  1. I’m sadly behind in reading your blog, Christine. Where to begin? Floret is just amazingly beautiful…so happy you got to visit in person! Your trip to San Fran was a fabulous whirlwind…and the Cookhouse venue was incredibly beautiful! I’m going to order the shaved ice machine tonight – just perfect for little kids and big kids alike! You looked gorgeous on tour in your black dress…did you make it and can you share the pattern source? I’m living my life vicariously through you these days…thanks for the journey!

    1. Thank you, thank you Maureen for your lovely note. You will have such fun with the shaved ice machine! It really is a blast to use. I gave out a coupon code a few posts ago, and it should still work: HawaiianShavedIce.com is offering 30% off the the S900A Electric Shaved Ice Machine with the coupon code — ICYHEALTHY.

      I didn’t make my dress- but it is handmade by a local Maine women. I actually bought it at Brimfield, of all places! Here’s the link to her shop: luksindesigns.com.

      I hope you are having a great summer with your grandchildren. Thinking of you and your family.

  2. I want to type a stream of wide-eyed gaping mouthed emoji!!!! Stunning does not seem at all sufficient to describe these photos, let alone what this place must be like for real. I can totally understand why it would take your breath away. It’s taken my breath away through the screen! I can’t stop looking at the colours and it makes me want to run outside now at 7pm on a freezing winter’s night and start scattering flower seeds. Bring on spring! xoxo

    1. I know…stunning doesn’t even seem to begin to cover Floret! It really did take my breath away. You’ll have to check our her seed collection- it would certainly make for some stunning cut flowers in that beautiful garden of yours! xo

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