Wicked Tulips

It’s been a busy spring, but one thing that took priority on my calendar was a trip to Wicked Tulips. I asked my favorite fellow photographer Forrest Elliott to join me, and we headed out at around 6pm to catch sunset on the farm. I had visited earlier in the week with my boys, but the sun was high in the sky and it wasn’t the right time for pictures. I am SO SO glad I went back at sunset. It was a truly magical experience. If you live in New England put this on your calendar for next spring because Wicked Tulips is absolutely worth a visit (and order your tickets early; they sell out, especially on the weekends). As for the pictures where I’m in them…those are from Forrest, and I love them (and that is saying a lot because I’m super awkward in front of the camera!). I always love adventures that inspire my love of photography and leave me wanting to take a thousand photos. I hope I captured just a bit of the beauty here to share with you…

Your thoughts on “Wicked Tulips

  1. I have NEVER seen tulips like those!!! The beauty you have captured takes my breath away, I can only imagine how incredible it must be, to be there in among them all. WOW!!! You’ve made me want to go and hunt down some… I wonder how available they would be at this time of year for us, or what cost they’d be if I did find some (eeep!) 😉 And just for the record, I adore that last pic of you with your cheeky grin 🙂 So gorgeous xox

    1. I’ve never seen tulip fields like this before either, not just in volume but also in variety. Some of them are ruffled like a peony…I mean, they are just so breathtakingly gorgeous. Add this to your US itinerary (you know you have to come for a full year, right!? Well, maybe you can skip winter, but spring, summer and fall are not to be missed). 😉

  2. Gorgeous pictures. I made a trip to Wicked Tulips just a few weeks ago (many thanks to your blog post last year for putting this place on my radar), and you have really captured the beauty. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am SO glad that you were able to go this year! Isn’t it just spectacular!? It was hard to capture all the beauty, but I sure had fun trying.

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