Electric Moon Peony Farm

This past weekend, on a rare day of sun, my friend Linda and I made a trip to Electric Moon Peony Farm in Little Compton. We all know that peonies are gorgeous, but the blooms at this farm surpass any peony I’ve ever seen. The real stunners are the intersectional peonies, which are a cross between a tree peony and herbaceous peony. There was a dusky pink variety named Hillary that particularly blew my mind. Linda and I went a little crazy and ended up with a bouquet to end all bouquets, which of course led to a photo shoot. As you do…! I feel incredibly grateful to have met Linda this past year. We actually met at Aran’s workshop in NYC and hit it off right away. I tend to do so much of my adventuring alone. I’ll get up really early in the morning on Saturday or Sunday, and head out for a few hours to stretch my photography wings before returning home to spend the day with my family. I love these solo moments, but it has been so much fun sharing them with a friend who is just as passionate about creating gorgeous images. Of course it helps that she has a wicked sense of humor too! As I navigated my work/ life balance earlier this year, the one thing I found lacking was time spent with friends. I recently decided to rectify this and began to invite friends along for quick excursions, day trips and just hangs at home with my family. It has helped me to feel more grounded and joyful in this busy season of life. I’ll leave you with a close up of my very favorite bloom… Hillary!

Your thoughts on “Electric Moon Peony Farm

  1. I can’t believe I missed meeting you last weekend! I think our paths will cross one of these days 🙂

    I too have tried to be intentional about special ways to spend time with friends and family, more along the lines of “quality” over quantity I guess.

    I am hoping to plan lots of vineyard concert dates at Sakonnet Vineyards, Westport River Vineyards and Buzzards Bay Brewery this summer, those are always easy to plan and awesome! Wine and picnic food (e.g. CHEESE) outdoors on a summer night with live music is pure heaven!

    So glad you made it to the farm, I was so excited to see it myself!

    1. Ugh- I can’t believe I missed you! We probably just miss each other at a dozen events a year, I swear. But I’m glad you made it to the farm. Isn’t it beyond gorgeous?! Thank you so much for sharing the information about the vineyard concerts. A picnic with wine and live music sounds pretty divine! Maybe I will see you there!

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